First came accross a link to vodpod on Sue Waters post ” What widgets should I add to my blog?” on the edublogger.

Edublogs allows you to insert widgets into the sidebar. With vodpod there is no need to tuck your widget away in the sidebar. It can be inserted into the post itself.

Registering with vodpod is straightforward. The usual email, username and password gets you started. The vodpod widgets come with a number of different skins. Copying and pasting codes for the sidebar, horizontal bar, button and video wall allows easy embedding. Unfortunately couldn’t get my preferred skin, the video gallery to embed.

Instead of asking students to do a standard experimental write up I often ask them to do a short video clip describing, discussing or explaining a scientific phenomenon. Students need to practise articulating their ideas before they communicate understanding on paper. They can give feedback as they use the video clips for discussion.

Vodpods are a useful way of collecting the videos together as a presentation to develop their thinking or for revision when preparing for exams. They can also be used to track development in understanding.
get your vodpod
Just for the record,in the sixth form unit on structure and bonding I talked about the conditions under which ionic compounds conduct electricity for about 10 minutes. Students then had to produce a video on the topic by the end of the lesson. After reviewing their work next lesson they filmed a second attempt. There are still inaccuracies but it is the development of ideas that is important.
Web 2.0 tools encourage changes in pedagogy

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